Packaging Division

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Power Industries

Is it possible today to talk about consumer or luxury products without referring to packaging?

Packaging design now plays an essential role in the marketing mix and purchasing decisions and represents a brand’s last opportunity to convince the consumer; in fact figures show it is gradually becoming the most important decision criterion.*

  • Over 70% of purchases are unplanned
  • 90% of products picked up are bought by consumers who make their decision in less than 3 seconds
  • When packaging is intelligently designed, sales increase by 20% to 30% without additional communication
  • Everything points to the fact that this role will be reinforced in the light of an ever-increasing range of products and consumers, who constantly find themselves caught between temptation and caution

Rafi International is a packaging solutions provider to clients throughout the Middle East and abroad. Our packaging division is able to undertake a total turnkey approach for a variety of industries. An extensive product range, coupled with quality, service and flexibility allows us to satisfy the needs of the largest multi-national companies and SMEs alike.

We are aware of the market and the importance of innovation, and the significant role of packaging to differentiate the product.

Working in 4 continents gives us broad knowledge and experience of marketing trends and success stories in different regions of the world.

Rafi International uses our understanding and knowledge of our customers businesses to fulfill their demands and build lasting customer relations based on partnership and inspiration.

*Source Pack. Vision 2006 Study for the International Packaging Fair